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MP3 to MIDI Converter

MIDI is a kind of file format which will help you to reveal your creative abilities and make it with the least effort from your side. This file format sounds not like the others when playing back. It does not reproduce the singing or speaking voice in the song or recreates the melody in the traditional way. MIDI just defines the notes and their position in the melody as well as their loudness. The peculiarity of this file format allows you to change the melody as you like.

To be able to work with MIDI file format and use the opportunity of transcribing and arranging music according to your own musical taste you need MP3 to MIDI Converter. This software will please both advanced computer users and those who are only slightly familiar with the computer world. All options are presented in such a way that it turns out to be extremely easy to operate them and make the program do what you want. You can do whatever you like with the converted files – add, change and remove separate notes to create the melody of your own. You can ever change the instrument which is used in the original song.

MP3 to MIDI Converter works fast like lightning when it concerns the process of conversion. It does practically all the work. The only two things it can not deal with are choosing the files for the conversion and selecting the destination directory for them. So, a small help of yours is needed and then you can have a deserved rest after the hard task of making several mouse clicks.

Positively shocking news is that MP3 to MIDI Converter can be downloaded to your computer free of charge. This software is completely available to you no matter what your financial situation is. This software will provide you with compact and small MIDI files with which you will improve your creative talents or just have fun improvising.

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Q: Why would I want to convert MP3 to MIDI file format?

A: MIDI is a file format which differs from all the other audio file formats you got used to. It does not recreate the song in the whole, but specify the notes which are played in it as well as the moment they appear and the level of their loudness and the play these notes with the help of your computer card. This file format is invaluable if you need to transcribe or arrange the music, as it allows you to change, add or remove separate notes of the original melody. Besides, the size of MIDI files is really small and does not require much space on your computer.